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In the event of a physical attack or break in, most machines' bill acceptor stacker boxes offer little protection against access to the money. The SHUT-OUT® Shield provides a secure solution to this challenge.
  • Defends against unauthorized access to bills
  • Restricts access to the lid of the stacker box
  • Fits the vast majority of bill stacker boxes by design
  • Installs easily and is simple to use
  • Requires no modifications
  • Resists corrosion as it is constructed of cold-rolled steel with electro-plated black finish
12" chain attachment available to ensure proper replacement of the SHUT-OUT® Shield. Chain accessory (SO101) attaches to Shield and machine door.

The SHUT-OUT® Safeguard takes cash asset protection a step further. Covering the merchandising plate above the face of the bill stacker and bill acceptor, the SHUT-OUT® Safeguard protects the bill acceptor from being smashed. This product deters the smash and grab entry and further protects the validator from damage and costly repair or replacement.
  • Requires no redesign - easy and quick installation
  • Protects two vulnerable points of entry with metal rather than plastic
  • Prevents damage to validator, in turn saving costly repairs
  • Includes a complete installation kit with all hardware
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