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  All ABLOY® locks are based on the unique operating principle of rotating detainer discs. Inside the ABLOY® cylinder, a series of discs rotate and function like those in a safe. Only the correct key, turned 90 degrees, will rotate the discs aligning the side bar gates. After the discs are aligned to the correct opening combination, the locking bar drops into the aligned slot allowing the lock to open. To withdraw the key it must be turned in the reverse direction until it stops. This will mechanically scramble the discs.


ABLOY® SENTRY cylinder system

ABLOY® SENTRY is a new, patented addition to the ABLOY® cylinder family. It is ideal for locking systems which only consist of cam locks, cabinet locks, or padlocks.

This new product offers high-security locking solutions to meet the needs of Professional End-Users (PEUs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). It is an ideal patented cylinder system where mechanical industrial locks are needed.

The unique ABLOY® Disc Technology

Ever since its' invention ABLOY® has been at the highest level of the lock industry. The unique ABLOY® rotating disc technology offers several unsurpassed and superior features and benefits.
  • Over 100 years experience
  • Unique technology
  • Patented solutions
  • Extensive Master Keying possibilities
  • Wide product range - one key fits all
  • Reliable function without springs and pins
  • Durable and long lasting life cycle


ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ cylinder contains mechanical cylinder structure of unique ABLOY® PROTEC2 construction with nine discs. In addition the cylinder contains ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ cylinder electronics which controls electronic blocking system. This electronically controlled cylinder blocking is realized by using a small electric motor to guide the turning of one detainer disc. Cylinder has no electric power. This means no need of wires or battery change to the cylinders.


The ASSA® 5-Pin Cylinder combines strength and reliability with a pin tumbler operation. A series of 5 pin tumblers provide strong pick resistance and extensive master keying capabilities. The heavy duty brass cylinder is designed to provide lasting durability.


With the ASSA® Desmo Precision Drive™ System, locking pins are moved mechanically by the side cuts on the key. Once all the pins are properly aligned, they create two channels for locking side bars, which interlock the cylinder housing and inner cylinder. As the key turns the inner cylinder, the side bars are forced into the unlocked position, which allows the cylinder to turn. As the lock is operated, the side bar pins hold the key in place. This minimizes wear on the key and the pins. As the key is withdrawn in the locked position, the side bar pins mechanically force the side bars into the locked position. This provides a clear path for key removal.
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