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Searching for an ideal route key control solution?


Millions of Combinations - With over 360 million key combinations, expansion capabilities are abundant, thus ensuring the flexibility that High Security systems demand.

Restricted Duplication - Most keys can be duplicated at numerous retail outlets without any form of authorization demanded. We have always taken this risk seriously and, therefore, offer various levels of key control allowing the end user to choose the ideal option for their specific requirements. Our High Security key control option includes patented and restricted key profiles with factory controlled key manufacturing.

Excellent Customer Service - Our team of professionals can assist you with your product order placement. Their extensive product knowledge will enable you to attain correct ordering information and speed the delivery process.

Different cylinder types are available in ABLOY® products to meet the needs and requirements of different market areas and customer segments. The different cylinder types provide several key profiles and security levels ranging from General Level 1 to Customer-restricted Level 4.


The original ABLOY® CLASSIC key type corresponds to key security Level 1.

ABLOY® PROFILE offers key profiles for security Levels
2 through 4.
Long lasting working life for ABLOY®SENTRY is based on patented improved resistance against wear and tear (AWS) - system. Because of the AWS, the effect of wear to the cylinder mechanism is minimized. Its new patented functional features give more exact user experience. Key profiles for security levels 2 thru 4 are available.
Protec2 – Key blanks protected with worldwide patents. Code card required for key duplication. Keys cut only on dedicated ABLOY® key cutting machines. Security levels 3 and 4.
PROTEC2 CLIQ – the micro-electronics within the key cannot be illegally copied, even if key is “loaned out”. Keys blanks are protected by strong patents and the electronic code is protected by strong encryption giving both mechanical as well as electronic security. Security Level 4.


ASSA® 5-pin cylinder keys are constructed of nickel-plated brass. This is a restricted key profile and corresponds to key security Level 2.

Key control is a major advantage of ASSA®Desmo maximum security protection. ASSA® Desmo keys are patent protected and can only be duplicated by authorized factory locations, dissuading attempts at unauthorized key-duplication. The key is 30 percent thicker than most other high security keys used today. The keys are constructed from solid nickel silver for lasting durability, with no deep cuts to weaken the key. The large key grip provides easy handling and adequate space for the stamping of information for easy identification. This key is backed by a lifetime key breakage warranty. This key profile is factory restricted and corresponds to key security Level 4.
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