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Brand Information
Operating Principles
Key Control
ABLOY® FLEXLOCK Keyring Lock Series offers a unique additional feature to the existing level of ABLOY® patented, restricted key control systems. ABLOY® FLEXLOCK Series locks are ideal locking solutions for route key control.
Features & Benefits
Spring-Free Construction
No critical springs to break, corrode or jam if foreign material is inserted; great for outdoor use.

Hardened-Steel, Free-Spinning Keyway
The keyway face spins freely to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock.

Hardened-Steel Lock Housing
Provides tough resistance to physical attack such as drills, chisels and cutting tools. ABLOY® product is also bump-proof.
Rotating Disc Cylinder
Mechanical operation enables lock to resist extreme environmental conditions.
False Gates
Provide an additional safeguard, making picking virtually impossible.

Heavy Duty Keys
Constructed of strong Nickel Silver to provide smooth, reliable operation with lasting durability.

Restricted Keys
Available only from factory authorized locations.
ISO-9001 Quality Registered Manufacturer
All ABLOY® products meet strict quality control standards prior to shipment to the customer.
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