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Operating Principles ASSA® Desmo RC
Key Control Specs
  Features & Benefits
Extra Heavy Duty Key
This patent protected extra heavy duty key is among the strongest in the industry. So strong, in fact that it is backed by a Lifetime Functional Warranty.
Restricted Keys
Available only from factory authorized locations.
Spring-Free Construction
The ASSA® Desmo cylinder eliminates springs and therefore maximizes pick resistance and enhances physical security. ASSA® Desmo product is also bump-proof.

Precision Drive™ Pin System
This system is patent protected and mechanically operated without springs by the side cuts on the key, which allows the ASSA® Desmo system to operate in high usage areas without excessive wear on the pins or the key.

8 Locking Pin – Dual Side Bar Design
Provides twice as much resistance against attempts to forcibly torque the lock open.

Removable Core Option
The ASSA® Desmo RC locking system ensures uninterrupted security with immediate lock change-out capability in the instance of key loss or theft.

Ease of Function
The design of the face of the lock and the tip of the key enable guided key entry. This feature increases ease of use, especially in hard to reach lock applications.

Right Handed and Left Handed Function Available With Same Key
Able to fit a broad range of applications requiring different cam rotations.

Versatility in Locking
Available in 90o or 180o turning radius. Key retaining and key removable options available.

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