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Superior Physical Strength

Functionality Under Extreme Conditions: No weather condition is too tough for the new ABLOY ® SENTRY cylinder. Based on rotating discs, the construction is extremely resistant against dirt, freezing, salt water and wear.

One Key Fits All Industrial Locks: ABLOY ® SENTRY locks can be keyed into the same masterkey system using one key profile. That means one key can open up all padlocks, cam locks and cabinet locks within the application.

Upgrading Locking Environment: ABLOY ®SENTRY can be retrofitted to replace old cylinder systems. It is a cost effective way to upgrade existing locking systems to a patented cylinder system.

Smooth & Reliable Operation

The Disc Steering System controls the rotation of the detainer discs, contributing to an easy, smooth operation of the ABLOY ®Sentry key.

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Extensive Master Keying Possibilities

One of the principal features of ABLOY ®Sentry is the extensive master-keying possibilities which combine high security mechanical access control and convenient use.

Maximum Corrosion Resistance

The unique materials and surface treatments used by ABLOY. guarantee that both the visible parts of each lock as well as the internal parts operate at a superior level in harsh environments. ABLOY ® locks are recommended as the best products for all types of weather ranging from freezing to coastal.

ABLOY ® Sentry

ABLOY ®Sentry locks utilize an advanced Disc Steering System which contributes to an easy, smooth operation without resistance. When operating an ABLOY ® Sentry lock, the key will not turn until fully inserted in the keyway. At this point, mechanically operated parts inside the lock will allow the key to turn.

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