Security Quiz

How confident are you that your assets are secure? This quiz may help you identify some potential security issues. Use this diagnostic tool to help you analyze and address your security and loss prevention status.

Note: This form is created as a tool for you to assess your current security system's effectiveness and is not a recording form (we have no visibility to your answers). Please mark your answers and print document or save as a html file to your computer.

1. Do you know who has every key that has been issued? Yes No
a. Do you know which key operates which lock(s)? Yes No
b. Have you ever terminated an employee? Yes No
c. Have you ever had an employee resign? Yes No
d. Have you ever valet parked your car? Yes No
2. Do you know if employees and contractors are sharing keys? Yes No
a. Do you or your employees ever leave keys on a desk, work area or out in the open? Yes No
b. Do you or your employees ever loan keys to someone to retrieve something? Yes No
3. Can your current keys be duplicated without proper authorization? Yes No
4. Are your locks susceptible to physical attacks such as picking or drilling? Yes No
5. Are you experiencing unauthorized entries into restricted areas? Yes No
6. Have you experienced physical damage or loss of equipment,
assets or intellectual property?
Yes No

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then your assets are at risk.

Answer the following to assess your vulnerability.
7. List the five most valuable physical assets in your company.
(For Example: cash, cargo, product stock, electronic equipment, etc.)
8. List the five most valuable intellectual property assets in your company.
(For Example: customer database, records, financial information)