Plan of Action

Implementing a plan of action will require vigilance on your part. Proper procedures must be put in place informing staff how to effectively manage your security system. Key control records are necessary to assist in the implementation of an effective system. You must ensure that all keys are properly stored to maintain the utmost in control.

  • Create specifications to ensure all new asset additions are equipped with a high security locking system; and review existing assets to determine the appropriate security level for the application.
  • Establish clearly understood key control policies and procedures.
    • Issuance and retrieval of keys
    • Cut key storage policy
    • Rekey policy
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities for management of the key control system.
  • Have your key control program professionally evaluated by one who understands the administration of key control.
  • Verify that all keyways (profiles) cannot be purchased at local retail establishments
    • Mandate patented key control for all lock and key products.
  • Audit the keys. Can you account for every key that has entered the system? Can you ensure that no "ghost" keys are in circulation? Can you determine who has access to all areas?
  • Randomly audit all key holders. Determine who carries keys and which locks they open.